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We all understand the emotions of losing someone it is really very hurting, sensitive and at times it feels hard to believe that he/she is gone, we therefor pay our tribute and respect to those gone by waiting for their loved ones to bury them and we realise the importance of keeping them without any signs of decay for then we can pray for them and honor them with all the necessary respect.

we there fore need to use the trusted hot pink 98% original Germany made hager werken to do the job. Denis is a genuine distributor for both white and pink hot and original Germany 98% hot hager werken.

call/watsap: +27787930326

email: denisws72@gmail.com

Our main objective is to supply you the recommended, trusted products to keep the deceased until the recommend time of his burial and assure that we really feel the same and we are here to comfort you. Hot Magnetic hager warken is a very strong and recommended embalming product.

We supply Germany made embalming powder in small quantities from 1 kg at affordable prices. We have white and pink 100% hot and 98% pink in stock.

call/watsap: +27787930326

email: denisws72@gmail.com

The modern method of embalming involves the intruduction of various solutions of 98% or 100% hot pink or white hager werken into the arterial network of the body to primarily disinfect and slow the decomposition process.

A mixture of these fluids is known as embalming fluid, and is used to preserve deceased individuals (funeral/indefinitely)

The intention of embalming is usually to make the deceased suitable for public or private viewing as part of the funeral ceremony, or keep them preserved for study purposes

The three goals of embalming are;

§ Sanitization

§ Presentation

§ Preservation

§ Restoration is an important additional factor in some instances. Performed successfully embalming can help preserve the body for a duration of many years.

call/watsap: +27787930326

email: denisws72@gmail.com

How does hager warken as an embalmer?

1 .Protein coagulation

2. Tissue fixation

3. Organs are bleached and hardened

4. Blood is coagulated and transformed into a pinkish-brown mass

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